The board want to inform you of the current situation at EGI and to let you know about the changes that are now required. EGI will be leaving Lothian road in September, and entering a period of dormancy. For the foreseeable future EGI will not be offering any more psychotherapy training.

We realise that this is very difficult news to be hearing, and the board are finding it painful and distressing to let go of the life changing work that has been done within the Institute. We plan to find a role within the gestalt community for EGI, but at the moment we are dealing with this seismic change.

As a community, we believe that we now need to find other ways to share the valuable skills and experience that we have built up over the years. As a board we have been working to find a structure to support our ongoing activities.

We are passionate about the work we do and know how much responsibility we carry for those we support.  We wish that we were not in this position, but it seems that the Institute has come to the end of this particular cycle in its existence. The board hope that you will feel able to be part of whatever form gestalt will take in Scotland in the future.

There will still be therapists working from EGI on Lothian Road until the end of September and they can still be contacted directly via “the find a therapist” link on this page.

EGI and GPTI are also continuing to support existing trainees within the system towards accreditation and ongoing professional development.

Board of Trustees, Edinburgh Gestalt Institute