Diversity policy

EGI values and promotes diversity, striving to respond to the needs of all individuals in a fair and equitable manner. We seek to be inclusive and responsive to individuals from all backgrounds, and we value the richness of being in relationship with a diverse range of people, perspectives and human experience.

We aim to explore difference, diversity and discrimination with the expectation that working through these issues in dialogue promotes good relationships and a deepening, dignifying appreciation of humanity.

EGI supports and adheres to the GPTI Diversity Policy, and is proactive on this basis. We are committed to anti-oppressive practice. No person will be unfairly discriminated against or denied access to training, services or positions within the institute on the basis of his/her: (dis)ability; race; ethnic or national origin; religion/spirituality; gender (including gender identity); sexual orientation/preference; marital status; social class; age (subject in some circumstances to a minimum age requirement set by UKCP); political affiliation or non-relevant criminal conviction. We seek to address any unfair discrimination within our organisation and its practices.

We welcome input and dialogue towards improving our policy and practice.

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