Ethics and standards

EGI strives to maintain high standards of professionalism. We make a personal and professional commitment to ethical principles and practice. Specifically we subscribe to the GPTI  Code of Ethics and Professional Practice and UKCP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. We are accountable to GPTI and UKCP, as well as to OSCR (Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator). We are an organisational member of COSCA and subscribe to their standards.

For all who use EGI, those who work at EGI, and the general public, we strive to:

  • apply ourselves creatively for their benefit and well-being
  • respect personal identity, difference, autonomy, vulnerability and dignity
  • identify and challenge unfair discrimination and oppression
  • consider risks and avoid harm
  • conduct our practice fairly, justly, honestly and transparently
  • welcome and engage with feedback and discourse about our principles and professional practice

EGI is committed to reflecting and to engaging seriously when we make mistakes, when we fail to meet these high standards, when there are dilemmas/conflicts, or when there is complexity in finding a resolution. We welcome feedback and dialogue with everyone who engages with EGI. If you have a complaint about EGI that cannot be resolved by dialogue or using our complaints process, this can be taken up for matters of professional conduct via GPTI, and for matters relating to charitable status via OSCR. EGI also is accountable to statutory bodies under relevant legislation, e.g. Equality and Human Rights Commission in Scotland.


A copy of EGI’s mediation policy is available here:

 Mediation and facilitated conversation policy 2017

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