Institute accessibility

EGI aims to maximise the accessibility of our services to enable a diverse range of people to participate. For our diversity policy and practice click here.

We offer small bursaries for the Diploma in gestalt psychotherapy, based on household income. We also offer flexible payment plans for all courses, workshops and groups, which are negotiated in advance to suit individual needs. Applicants may also apply for other funding through, for example, career development loans, charitable trusts and grant-making bodies.

Our premises are centrally located, and easily accessible by public transport.

The rooms are accessed via two flights of stairs, and unfortunately without an elevator or wheelchair-accessible toilets. Please advise us if you are not able to use the stairs – we will relocate to ground floor premises in this circumstance.

If you require any supports, adjustments or adaptations to access EGI’s services – for example amplified loop system, interpreter or scribe – please advise us so that we can seek to arrange these.

We are committed to providing flexible learning support as appropriate.

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