EGI core team


Adam Kincel

PhD Counselling and Psychotherapy, Ma Gestalt Therapy, PgDip Psychodynamic theories

Course director

Adam is dedicated and enthusiastic about Gestalt therapy and is particularly interested in relational approach and therapeutic work through the body. His doctoral research examined the role of social and sexual identity in the therapeutic process. Apart from his work at EGI, Adam teaches psychotherapy at Re-Vision (London) and several institutes in England, Poland, Bulgaria and Georgia. Before becoming a psychotherapist, he worked in social work specialising in mental health housing.

Lizzie Kelly

MSc (Gestalt Psychotherapy), Psychotherapist, UKCP Accredited

Assistant trainer

Lizzie worked in the Corporate Sector for a number of years before realising she had an unmet passion for working more directly with people.  This change of direction took her into various frontline roles across the sectors of homelessness, mental health, social care and education.  She qualified as an Integrative Psychotherapist in 2009 and later followed this up with a Gestalt training at Metanoia Institute in London.  Lizzie is a full-time Psychotherapist in Private Practice in Oxford.  She has a particular interest in themes of loneliness, belonging, intimacy and connection and the interplay between these themes and peoples’ mental health and wellbeing.

Lizzie is a lover of nature and can be found most mornings at dawn swimming in the river with her labrador Lenny.


Jill McClure

MA (Hons), Masters SW, Dip GPTI, UKCP reg., GPTI TSM

Course director

Jill’s background is in social work, spanning social care, education, the voluntary sector and practice teaching. She has extensive experience of working with sexual abuse and trauma, and with new parents struggling with transitions. Jill is currently completing the process of becoming a teaching and supervising member of GPTI. As a trainer Jill is particularly interested in individuals’ experiences of learning, and the issues of shame that are frequently present in traditional approaches to education. She has a commitment and passion for her work, and believes strongly in the possibility of transformation and growth through relationship and deepening awareness. Jill is a keen yoga practitioner and is currently learning more about mindfulness. She is actively discovering how to integrate more of her spiritual and physical practice into her daily life and work. Jill is a mum to an 13-year old daughter and a lover of being by and in the sea.


Laurence Hegan

MSc. Gestalt Psychotherapy, Diploma Gestalt Psychotherapy, UKCP reg., Psychotherapist, RMN. GPTI TSM

Institute director

Laurence has more than 30 years experience in the NHS and in private practice as a therapist, trainer and group facilitator. He has specialised in work with addictions, trauma and a broad spectrum of distressed psychological presentations including psychosis. Until recently he was a primary tutor on the gestalt psychotherapy training at Metanoia Institute in London. He has a special interest in group work and in relational gestalt practice, teaching and learning.

Anika Wycislik-Wilson

MSc. (Gestalt Psychotherapy), Psychotherapist, UKCP Accredited

Assistant trainer

Anika is a woman dedicated to truth, love and life. She is a practising Gestalt psychotherapist, supervisor, a nature guide (a lifelong apprenticeship) and an awareness lover.  She works with both science and art, and acknowledges deep nourishment coming from both streams. She has deepened and widened her presence in different realms of existence and that enables her to deal with a wide range of issues that people bring. She has been in service in many ways, and at present is working privately and for third sector as a clinical psychotherapist, a trainer of mental health and cultural issues, and a supervisor. She has a good sense of humour, awareness and skills to create a safe, loving space for unfolding processes.

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