Guest trainers



Joy Appleby


Guest trainer

Joy has been working as a counsellor since 1988 and as a gestalt psychotherapist since 1996. She is a former BACP accredited trainer and was team leader for counselling courses at City College, Manchester until December 2002. She is a member of Manchester Gestalt Centre, and is a core trainer/supervisor on the GPTI- accredited psychotherapy training course. She is a member of the GPTI Training Standards Committee.

Joy offers workshops, training and supervision, and also has a psychotherapy practice in Didsbury. Particular workshop interests include women’s and equal opportunities/diversity issues.

Carole Ashton

MA Gestalt Psychotherapy, Dip Gestalt Psychotherapy Training, Cert. Sup., Dip Psychosexual Therapy, Cert. Couple and Marital therapy,  Dip. GPTI, UKCP reg., GPTI TSM

Guest trainer

Now a gestalt psychotherapist, Carole originally trained as a nurse and midwife and has been working in private practice in Yorkshire since 1998 offering therapy to individuals, groups and couples and supervision to organisations, groups and individual practitioners. She is currently a visiting trainer at the gestalt department at Metanoia Institute, London.

Carole has a specific interest in working with groups and over the years has facilitated therapy, supervision, continuing professional development and cancer care groups.

Jan Cassidy

B.A., M.P.H., Dip. GPTI

Assistant supervisor

Jan has a background in public health research and has worked in, or with, the health service for most of her professional career. She has also worked as a counsellor and supervisor with Childline Scotland. Jan trained at Edinburgh Gestalt Institute and currently works as a psychotherapist in both private practice and a trauma based NHS service. This includes work with Scotland’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre. She is also trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) and is integrating her varied post graduate training to develop her work with trauma. Jan is a keen runner and hillwalker, and has an ongoing interest in building her practice of mindfulness.

Ruella Frank


Guest trainer

Ruella Frank, Ph.D., an internationally renowned trainer and author, has been exploring early infant movements and their relationship to the adult since the mid-1970s. Ruella is founder and director of the Center for Somatic Studies, and faculty at both the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy and Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy. Since the 1990s, she has synthesised the present-centred, non-linear and phenomenological development theory for gestalt therapy based on six fundamental movements, co-created within the infant/parent dyad.

Kirsteen Greenholm

BA (Hons), Dip GPTI, UKCP reg., Dip Sup., GPTI TSM

Kirsteen works in private practice in Edinburgh as a UKCP-accredited psychotherapist and supervisor, and a GPTI-accredited trainer and supervisor. She was a member of the EGI core team for around ten years until 2017, when she left to pursue other professional interests including writing. Before this, she was a practitioner and manager in the addictions and mental health fields.

Kirsteen has a strong interest in the themes of attachment and trauma, in particular how therapy can enable more vitality, creativity, wellbeing and healing. She is currently interested in how best to support the experience of joy.

Ian Greenway

BA, Cert Ed., UKCP reg., GPTI TSM

Guest trainer

In 1981 Ian began work as a Marriage Guidance (now Relate) counsellor, a decision that led to him deciding to train as a psychotherapist, and which initiated his continued and ongoing interest in couples work. Ian is a UKCP registered psychotherapist, a teaching and supervising member (TSM) of GPTI and an examiner at the Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute. Throughout his present career he has retained an abiding interest in working with couples, work which he finds fascinating and stimulating.

Ian has been a trainer in psychotherapy at the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute in Nottingham, at the Metanoia Institute in London (where he was head of the Gestalt psychotherapy programme), and as visiting trainer at a number of establishments, including institutes at Manchester, York, Edinburgh and overseas. He was the first trainer, and assisted in the setting-up of the Slovenia Gestalt Institute, which he visited for many years. On many of these courses Ian has provided workshops in working with couples.

  Lynne Jacobs


Guest trainer

Lynne has long been interested in the relational 
dimension of psychotherapy, and in integrating humanistic theories 
with contemporary psychoanalytic theories. Both a Gestalt psychotherapist and a psychoanalyst, she is a co-founder of Pacific Gestalt Institute. She is also a training and supervising analyst of the Institute of Contemporary 
Psychoanalysis (ICP) in Los Angeles. She teaches at ICP, and teaches 
Gestalt therapists locally, nationally, and internationally. She has 
published numerous articles in both realms, and her most recent work 
is Relational Approaches in Gestalt Therapy (co-edited with Rich Hycner).


Gillian Kelly

Chiron Dip., UKCP reg.

Guest facilitator

Gillian Kelly has a background in theatre and education. She is a psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor and has been in private practice in the Lake District for 24 years. She trained initially at the Chiron Centre for Body Psychotherapy in London in the late 80s and was later a gestalt trainer there for 12 years.

Since 2000, she has been facilitating work both with individuals and in regular workshops in the north of England and Ireland using family constellations, an approach exploring unconscious entanglements arising from within the family system. She is particularly interested in the power of constellation work to heal the generational effects of trauma. She is a mother and grandmother and likes to sing, walk and dance tango.

  Helen Kennedy


Guest facilitator and founder member

Helen has been in private practice since 1985, working as a psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer in the UK and internationally. She trained with SAGE in Scotland and then with the Gestalt Institute of Los Angeles where she qualified as a gestalt therapist, supervisor and trainer. She is a founder member of Edinburgh Gestalt Institute and is a guest trainer on the Gestalt Associates Los Angeles (GATLA) training programme. She also studies the Diamond Approach with the Ridhwan School. She originally qualified as a teacher and sees her current work as a development of her interest in education. She is interested in creating community and has been involved for many years in a community network, committed to enhancing creative, spiritual, and psychological growth.

  Christine Kennett

MA, GPTI accred, Dip Sup., UKCP reg., GPTI TSM

Guest supervisor

Christine is a gestalt psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice and has been centrally involved in the training and development of gestalt psychotherapists through York Psychotherapy Training Centre (affiliated to GPTI) for 20 years. She previously worked in the fields of equal opportunities and human relations training, and has taught counselling and psychotherapy to Diploma/Masters degree level at the Universities of York St. John and Hull. She has trained in Integrative psychotherapy as well as gestalt, and currently contributes to a number of CPD programmes. She has a particular interest in the existential and spiritual dimensions of human experience spanning a range of philosophies and traditions. In keeping with her view of gestalt as a holistic approach and lived experience, Aikido, walking, poetry, literature, and dance figure centrally in her self-development.

Jim Kepner

BA, Ph.D.

Guest trainer

Jim is a psychologist in private practice in Shaker Heights, Ohio, USA. He is a trainer and the author of: Body Process: working with the body in psychotherapy (1987/99).  This publication is considered a fundamental text in Gestalt therapy curricula, and a classic in the area of body-oriented psychotherapy. He also authored Healing Tasks: psychotherapy with adult survivors of childhood abuse (1995). The founder of Gestalt Body Process Psychotherapy (GBPP), Jim has been continuously developing extensions of the theory and practice outlined in his book that integrates hands-on methods within a psychotherapeutic framework.

Serving on the professional staff of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland (GIC), Jim co-chairs the training program Working with Physical Process. He conducts training workshops internationally in GBPP, the Healing Tasks model, and in application of subtle energy methods to body psychotherapy. He is also the co-developer, with his colleague Carol DeSanto, of Nervous System Energy Work and a broader approach to subtle energy, spiritual development and healing called the Pathways Approach

His interests include 25 years of martial arts study in Ba Kua Chang and Tai Chi, energy arts and spiritual development, and deep appreciation for the body as our means for manifesting soul.

  Dianne Markham

BSc, BA social work, MSc, Dip CE, Dip. Gestalt therapy

Assistant supervisor

Dianne has a background in community development and social work. She has worked for many years with social work service users to identify collective issues and improve services. She trained in gestalt with Gestalt Training Services (Scotland) and Edinburgh Gestalt Institute. She is currently undertaking the EGI Diploma in supervision and is keen to learn more about how we make meaning out of experience.  Dianne enjoys dancing tango whenever she gets the opportunity.

  Peter Phillipson

M.Sc. (Gestalt Psychotherapy)

Guest trainer

Peter is a UKCP registered gestalt psychotherapist and trainer, a Teaching and Supervising Member of the Gestalt Psychotherapy & Training Institute UK, a founder member of Manchester Gestalt Centre, Full Member of the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy, Senior Trainer for GITA (Slovenia), advisory board member, Center for Somatic Studies and a guest trainer for many training programmes internationally. He is Past President of the Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy. Peter is the author of ‘Self in Relation’, pub. Gestalt Journal Press, ‘The Emergent Self’ pub. Karnac/UKCP and ‘Gestalt Therapy: Roots and Branches’ pub. Karnac, and many other chapters and articles. He is a teacher and student of traditional Aikido.

  Frank-M. Staemmler

Ph.D., Dipl.-Psych. (Gestalt Psychotherapy)

Guest trainer

Frank-M. Staemmler, Ph.D., Dipl.-Psych., born in 1951, is a psychologist and gestalt therapist, who lives in Wuerzburg, Germany. He has been working as a gestalt therapist in private practice since 1976, and as a supervisor and trainer since 1981. He has written about seventy articles and book chapters and six books and has (co-)edited five other books. Two books are available in English: Aggression, Time, and Understanding: Contributions to the Evolution of Gestalt Therapy (GestaltPress/Routledge, New York), and Empathy in Psychotherapy: How Therapists and Clients Understand Each Other (Springer Publishing, New York). Frank teaches internationally and is a frequent presenter on conferences in Germany and abroad. He was editor of the International Gestalt Journal from 2001 to 2006 and co-editor of the Studies in Gestalt Therapy: Dialogical Bridges from 2007 to 2009.

  Judith Ridley

BSc (Hons), Cert Relate Counsellor, Dip Gestalt Therapy (EGI)

Assistant supervisor

Judith first studied early childhood development at university, where she became increasingly interested in the relationship between early environmental and relational experiences, neurological development and the integrity and resilience of the person in process.
After training as a relationship counsellor with Relate, she then worked as counsellor for children in secondary schools whilst embarking on her psychotherapy training.
Judith’s interest is combining self-awareness and presence, relational support and a rigorous understanding of developmental process. She is passionate about gestalt and delighted to assist on the training.
She continues to learn and grow, and is currently focused on supporting her private practice through mindfulness and yoga.

  Dawn Wilson

BSc (Hons), CQSW, Dip Gestalt Therapy (EGI)

Assistant supervisor

Dawn has a background in science, the arts, psychotherapy, social work practice /management and organisational change.

She completed her Diploma in gestalt therapy at EGI in 2009. During her training she worked at Edinburgh University Student Counselling service and started to develop her private practice work.  She works part-time for a well-known national children’s charity, providing therapeutic support to children and young people who have been affected by sexual abuse and trauma. She has a special interest in psychotherapy with children and young people.

Dawn is working towards both her accreditation as a psychotherapist through GPTI and accreditation as a supervisor through EGI.

She remains excited about gestalt therapy and its applications to modern living and, more importantly, how it can support one, families, groups and organisations to live an “alive” life. She is delighted to have the opportunity to be involved in the training of future gestaltists.

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