Advanced therapy group with Graham Colbourne

November 18, 2016

Start date
November 18th, 2016

Edinburgh Gestalt Institute

This exciting, new, ongoing advanced gestalt therapy group (up to 12 people) will meet four times a year for three days, and will benefit people with substantial experience of personal therapy in any modality. It will be of interest to people who wish to deepen their exploration by working in areas which may have been elusive or difficult, drawing on group energy, support and challenge. The group will bring a level of sophistication which will support exploration of early experiences which are significant in current life, where the possibility of growth can be maximised.

Graham has particular interest and skill in working with embodied relational process, attending to emergent process at individual, interpersonal and group levels, and supporting creative experimentation; this may include using imagination, play, breath, movement, music, voice and other media. This will be a place for the exploration of the gamut of human experience: love, fear, destructiveness, loss, holding, nourishment, joy and the possibility of authentic and compassionate relationship.

Applications are welcome from people who have already spent time travelling this path of growth and integration, for example those who have undertaken a training in counselling or psychotherapy and/or are familiar with receiving support and taking risks towards wholeness.

Graham ColbourneGraham Colbourne has been in full time gestalt practice since 1996 doing therapy with individuals, couples and groups. He is a supervisor and trainer of counsellors, psychotherapists and supervisors and has also worked in the field of management development. He served on the GPTI Ethics Committee and the Training Standards Committee for some years. He worked for many years in community development, youth work and community education, drawing on group work, counselling, field theory, existentialism, and various models of learning and social/community change.


Location: Edinburgh Gestalt Institute
Dates: 18-20 Nov 2016, 3-5 Feb 2017, 14-16 April 2017, 2-4 June 2017
Time: 9.30am-5pm
Cost: £1280 per year, including a nonrefundable deposit of £200.

Please contact us to discuss joining the group.