OD workshops

The EGI programme has included the following successful OD workshops. Please contact us if you would like to participate in further OD workshops. We invite commissions for specific training events in line with your interests and needs.

Contact us to find out more or request a specific topic.


Samples of previous workshops:

Learning interventions in organisations: a gestalt practicum

This included:

  • modelling of, and reflection on, experiential learning in practice
  • space to practice facilitation and support of learning, and to reflect on the process
  • examining how the co-created relationship of teacher and learner and organisational context influence learning
  • identifying and practising educational styles and dimensions, and assessing the relevance effectiveness of these in differing contexts
  • understanding how to tailor interventions in the light of learning styles, diversity and power relations
  • application of a model of learning that is organismic and field theoretical (i.e. that takes relational, socio-political and economic factors into account)
  • an ethical underpinning of learning, rooted in an exploration of personal and professional values

Gestalt approaches to learning in organisation

Graham brings his lively and experimental approach to learning within organisations. This three-day workshop is suitable for all professionals whose role includes management, development, training, facilitation, coaching, and building a learning organisation.  The workshop will develop embodied understanding of: the nature of learning; the learning process; personal, group, cultural and organisational factors, and the application of interdisciplinary theories of learning.  Participants will enhance their capacity as learners and as facilitators of learning.

The emphasis will be on developing a radical, existential, experiential  approach to understanding learning in organisations.  This will be taught through reflecting creatively on experience in the group and through exploration of the underpinning theoretical/philosophical aspects of the learning process.  It will be grounded in humanistic, phenomenological, dialogic, and field theoretical frameworks.


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