Ruth Pringle

Gestalt Therapist

Qualifications: BA (Hons), Diploma Gestalt Therapy (GPTI), UKCP Registered
Accreditation: MBACP (Accredited), UKCP Registered
Code of ethics: GPTI
Telephone number: 07768 994847
Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday daytime
Location: Edinburgh Gestalt Institute

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Gestalt psychotherapy works toward increasing our potential for finding satisfaction in relationships and fulfilment in life.

Gestalt translates from German as meaning ‘whole’. This summarises the gestalt philosophy that we all have a natural energetic tendency towards living to the fullest of our creative potential in connection with our environment. In gestalt therapy we work towards increasing here-and-now awareness of what supports and what hinders the growth and change we seek. Understanding more about ourselves in a supportive relationship offers the potential for developing self-compassion, healing and change, and can restore our innate sense of aliveness and wholeness.

I am passionate about supporting people to find their own rhythm, pace, felt experience and place in the world and I have particular skills and experience in working carefully with fear, anxiety and shame. I enjoy working respectfully with body awareness, attention to the here-and-now, and I’m interested in exploring clients’ histories, ways of being and cultural differences. I am also committed to my personal and professional growth and development and enjoy bringing my learning into my work

The therapeutic relationship is important in gestalt therapy. My belief is that we can’t be open to knowing ourselves unless we find the right balance of feeling safe, understood, supported and optimally challenged. Building a trusting working partnership is one aspect that we’ll attend to alongside working on the issue(s) you bring.

I trained in gestalt psychotherapy at Edinburgh Gestalt Institute (2005-2009) and have been working in private practice since 2010. I have worked as a volunteer counsellor for University of Edinburgh Student Counselling Service and Couple Counselling Lothian. I am an assistant supervisor on the diploma training programme at Edinburgh Gestalt Institute where I support the development of trainee therapists. My background is in the arts, human resources and organisation development.

I am committed to offering professional and ethical psychotherapy. I am fully insured, I work within the GPTI code of professional and ethical standards, my work is regularly reviewed with a clinical supervisor and I undertake ongoing advanced personal and professional development. I offer a high standard of therapeutic work which has been accredited by BACP and UKCP.