Sara Villar Gonzalez

Gestalt Therapist

Qualifications: Diploma in Gestalt Therapy, Msc in Psychology, Diploma in Psychodrama and Group Therapy and Shamanic Practitioner Diploma
Accreditation: GPTI, working towards UKCP accreditation
Code of Ethics: GPTI
Website: click HERE

I’ve always wondered about the meaning of life and what it means to be a human being with thoughts and feelings, physical sensations, dreams, spirituality and all our complexities in this interconnected world. I’ve learnt that healing and wellbeing are possible when we reunite with our own truth by looking inside and being able to accept and value what we are.

As a Gestalt Therapist my aim is to accompany people, who like myself would like to walk along the path of self-knowledge, learn to identify and manage their emotions and live life with greater awareness of themselves, their feelings and their environment.

I combine my knowledge in Gestalt Therapy with other body, mind and spirit practices such as Psychodrama or Shamanic Healing. In Psychodrama, thoughts, emotions and body sensations are explored not only through spoken word but also through action and movement, in order to find solutions to your conflicts in the here and now. I also feel passionate about the way in which Ancient Wisdoms understand the healing process as gentle, nature driven and kind, consisting of the removal of energy blockages and the restoration of balance needed for the transformation process of the person.

Together we will find what is stopping you from living a meaningful and fulfilled existence and the ways in which you can come back to the harmony, peace and beauty that I believe belongs to every life.