What is gestalt therapy?

Gestalt therapy aims to explore how we live and relate in the world. ‘Gestalt’ is a german word meaning both ‘the whole’ (as being more than the sum of its parts) and ‘the pattern’. The gestalt approach draws on both these meanings, seeing people as inextricably linked with their social, political and ecological environments.

Gestalt therapy is a holistic, flexible and experimental way of working, which aims to support people to become more fully and creatively alive. It emphasises personal responsibility and choice, whilst equally recognising the deep interconnectedness between us all and our world.

Gestalt therapy works by building a ‘here-and-now’ felt sense of what is real and significant in the therapy room. Together with your therapist, in a session you might explore how your present capabilities, enjoyment and fulfilment are affected by your life situation, past relationships, traumas or loss, and repeating patterns of being. Bringing awareness to these patterns together with your therapist can help to create the possibilities for choice and change.

If you would like to find out more about the history and theory of gestalt therapy you can explore our About gestalt pages


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