Andy Reynolds

Gestalt Therapist

Qualifications:  BSc (Hons); Gestalt Psychotherapy Training at EGI
Accreditation: Working towards GPTI/UKCP
Code of ethics: GPTI
Location of practice: Edinburgh Gestalt Institute

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Could therapy be one of the things that brings you into deeper contact with life and its richness? Or that can offer an accompanying hand as you search for healing and meaning? Therapy is not the only way, it may be that singing in a community choir, or walking the edge of the land and the sea may be what most calls you at this time. Pay attention to what draws you.


As someone who, in my younger days, was a therapy sceptic, the reason I now offer it to others is that in my own experience it has been a vital thread in coming to discover more of who I am, in realising that how I used to see the world and my life are all things that can change. It brought some fundamental shifts in how I viewed my history, which has allowed me to open to wider horizons in life.


I’ve had a varied career path, including working as editor and graphic designer for a wildlife charity, and a grower on organic farms. My training at the Edinburgh Gestalt Institute has been in-depth and challenging and yet I will maybe always see myself as a therapist-in-learning which I believe is a healthy approach, staying open to new knowledge and the experiences of life and time.


What I offer is rooted in my own personal engagement and interests in body-based meditation and mindfulness practice, early childhood attachment and trauma, the search for an authentic spirituality (which may include the need to make sense of damaging early religious frameworks) and my growing sense that as a culture we have disconnected from the wisdom of body and soul. I have a deep interest in the perspectives of eco-psychology which seeks to reconnect us to deeper awareness of our ecological roots in nature and the consequences of being cut off from that; my experience is that it can provide a framework to begin to make sense of the grief which can be a natural and healthy response to the damage we are inflicting upon this planet.


Anxiety, depression, addiction, grief, meaninglessness, trauma symptoms, are often framed as individual problems. In Gestalt I see these struggles as both part of the wider culture we live in and also as something that is looking to be healed in relationship. I believe engagement with therapy is one way of starting to build new relationships in the world that offers the potential for gradual but deep transformation.