Karen Nimmo

Gestalt Therapist

Qualifications: MA(Hons) Sociology Gestalt Psychotherapy Training at EGI Yoga Scotland Hatha Yoga Teaching Diploma
Code of ethics: GPTI
Telephone number: 07815568224
Location of practice:  Edinburgh City Centre

Offering:  Individual therapy & One to one yoga sessions for Adult individuals.

Price per session:  £40 per session. Some concessionary spaces available

Availability:  Weekdays and evenings by appointment

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I am deeply interested in and committed to a path of self-exploration and personal growth; my therapy practice is grounded in my belief that I can be most effective as your therapist when as well as being alongside you, I am deeply in touch and connected to myself.  Engaging in therapy can be daunting, my hope is to offer a therapeutic relationship that might support you to develop greater connection to yourself, awareness in relationship with others and the potential for building a broader range of choices in your ways of being, relating and experiencing life.

In my therapy practice, I work with people from a range of backgrounds and life experiences who are looking for support with challenges they are facing and their hopes for growth and change.

​The flexibility and creativity of Gestalt Therapy means that there is lots of scope for us to draw on a range of methods, materials and ideas, moving, creating, as well as sitting and talking, during our working together.

Given the significance of our experience in relationship on how we feel, think and do, I will be interested in your experience in relation to me and how we are together.  Our relationship might provide a doorway to understanding more about your experience with others in general, and also can act as a setting to try out new ways of being.

I have a background in public sector policy and strategy, working in the education, skills and economic development world for many years.

Alongside this busy career, my interest in self exploration initially led me to the study and practice of yoga, where I quickly came to love the experience of being deeply in my body, with my breath.  Over time, I also began to develop an interest in the world of emotional and mental wellbeing.  This grew too in relation to my interests in organisational development and how people experience being in groups in my professional context; leading me to study and train in Gestalt Therapy.

Yoga practice and Gestalt Therapy have both been, and continue to be important parts of my ongoing development in the widest sense and I am passionate about the benefits they bring.

​I recently completed my Gestalt Therapy training at Edinburgh Gestalt Institute, am fully insured for therapy practice and subscribe to the GPTI Code of Ethics.  I am in regular clinical supervision for my work and have worked as a therapist at a number of third sector organisations in Edinburgh and work with clients in my private practice.​