Ula Smula

Gestalt Therapist

Qualifications: EGI Diploma in Gestalt Therapy
Shamanic practitioner Level 2
Non-Violence Communication certificate
MSc Education
Code of ethics: GPTI
Telephone number: 07784 108965..please just text and I’ll get back to you asap.
Location of practice: Edinburgh city centre

Website: www.ulagestalttherapy.co.uk

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I am passionate about self-awareness, personal development and exploration of unknown spaces – who I am, how much I can achieve,  where is my comfort zone and what’s behind, where are my limits, how much more open, creative, alive I can become, where is my passion and where is my sadness, what I dream about and what I am afraid of…

I believe we have everything we need inside of us to live happily and fully – wisdom, strength, clarity, efficiency, creativity, openness. Sometimes access is just denied.  Therapy is a journey to gain or re-gain access to  our resources to find own answers and solutions. We journey together to embrace the unknown and bring alternative, new options  into the “here and now”.

I am curious who you are and what might happen when we meet.