EGI supports trainees to achieve GPTI accreditation and UKCP registration as gestalt psychotherapists. EGI staff can also support practitioners to accredit as counsellors or psychotherapists with other professional organisations, such as BACP, COSCA and GATLA.

Accreditation involves the accumulation of clinical experience, supervision hours and post-qualification training. It is normal to take a minimum of 2-3 years from the completion of a Diploma-level training until accreditation as a counsellor or psychotherapist. Personal issues are usually highlighted in the process of preparing and applying for accreditation, and many challenges and opportunities for growth arise in this time.

Accreditation support may include:

  • supervised skills practice
  • theoretical exploration, development and integration
  • case study support
  • use of audio/visual recordings and transcripts
  • live supervision
  • developing your client caseload
  • preparation for oral exams and written submissions
  • psychiatric placement support
  • feedback about your growing edge, areas of competence and readiness for accreditation
  • support with your personal development processes as involved in accreditation

Support may be on an individual basis, through supervision and/or training consultancy. Accreditation preparation groups offer valuable peer support and the possibility of engaging with an ongoing learning community for people at different stages of the journey towards accreditation. EGI accreditation preparation groups can count as training / supervision hours for GPTI and other accreditation purposes.

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