Two day introduction to gestalt

February 1, 2018

With EGI faculty


Dates:  30 June1 July 2018 & 8-9 September 2018


This course runs twice in the year. We will explore key gestalt perspectives on human distress, healing, growth and change.

Gestalt has its roots in existentialism, phenomenology, spiritual traditions, psychoanalysis, dance, psychodrama and social change movements. From this synthesis come powerful, compassionate, lively and creative ways of working with emotional, intellectual, body and spiritual processes. We will introduce the fundamentals of gestalt by integrating theoretical discussion and experiential exercises. This workshop is especially suitable if you:

  • are curious about what contemporary gestalt may offer you in your life
  • want to deepen your awareness and understanding of yourself in relationship
  • want to build your authenticity, resilience and skill in working and being with people
  • want to learn practical and flexible theory and philosophy that will support you personally and professionally
  • have excitement or curiosity about counselling or psychotherapy and want to explore
  • are considering further training, therapy or supervision at EGI

Location: Edinburgh Gestalt Institute
Time: 9:30-5:00
Cost: £225 inc. non-refundable deposit of £100