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Personal & professional development group 2017/2018

November 11th, 2017May 13th, 2018

Gillian Kelly is offering a series of mainly experiential personal and professional development workshops for psychotherapists and counsellors of all modalities. Gillian draws on a number of approaches including gestalt, bodywork, mindful enquiry and family constellations, to best meet the needs of each participant at the time.

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Diploma in supervision

November 17th, 2017November 11th, 2018

This is a twelve-day course for experienced counsellors/therapists from all modalities, run over four modules of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It will teach a creative and practical gestalt-integrative-based model, covering theory, themes and issues relating to supervision.

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Lynne Jacobs - The aesthetics of supervision

May 10th, 2018May 11th, 2018

A client’s access to their experiential world and possibilities of contacting is both supported by, and constrained by, the range of experience that the therapist can access. We will explore how the supervisory process can support therapists and clients to cope with, and grow from, this inevitable dilemma.  This workshop is open to senior practitioners, […]

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Lynne Jacobs - Emotional process, enduring relational themes and inescapable relationality

May 12th, 2018May 13th, 2018

Our capacity for presence, our attention to contacting, our commitment to dialogue, are our therapeutic foundation. But questions always arise; “is my presence in this moment facilitating or inhibiting our dialogue?” “Is our contacting supporting us to develop a relational style that serves the clients further development over time?” Attention to enduring relational themes and […]

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