Jill McClure

Gestalt Psychotherapist

Qualifications: MA (Hons), Masters SW, Dip GPTI, UKCP reg., GPTI TSM
Accreditation: GPTI. UKCP accred.
Code of ethics: GPTI
Telephone number: 07737611981
Availability: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (Edinburgh)
Website: www.dialogueandspace.co.uk 

Location of practice: Mon-Wed: Albion Road, Thurs: Blackford Avenue

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My background is in Social Work, spanning social care, education, the voluntary sector and practice teaching. I have extensive experience of working with sexual abuse and trauma, and with new parents struggling with transitions. I am also deeply interested in how we learn and what gets in our way, and where and how we may habitually get stuck, repeating old patterns of being with ourselves and others. I have a commitment and passion for my work, and believe strongly in the possibility of transformation and growth through relationship and deepening awareness. I am a keen yoga practitioner and I am currently learning more about mindfulness and how to integrate more of my spiritual and physical practice into my daily life and therapeutic work.