Marie Caie

Gestalt Therapist

Qualifications: Diploma in Gestalt Therapy, Graduate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
Accreditation: Working towards BACP and GPTI accreditation
Code of ethics: GPTI
Telephone number: 07787 424039
Availability: Tuesdays – daytime and evening at the Edinburgh Gestalt Institute. Wednesday and Thursdays daytime and evening in North Berwick, East Lothian
Location of practice: Edinburgh Gestalt Institute
Price per session:Individuals – £40 per one hour session, Couples – £50 per one hour session

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My name is Marie Caie and I am a Gestalt Therapist. I work with both individuals and couples and offer both short and long term counselling and psychotherapy in Edinburgh and North Berwick.

I came to Gestalt Therapy, as I wanted to work with people at a level where real growth, change and healing could happen.  Gestalt comes from a German word that roughly translates as ‘wholeness’.  Gestalt Therapy seeks to restore our sense of wholeness, confidence and satisfaction, which is often lost after difficult life experiences.  It works in the here and now rather than through delving deeply into the past.

The sorts of issues I work with are – helping you build your self-confidence and self-esteem, develop a sense of purpose particularly as you deal with life’s difficult transitions.  You may need help following a personal loss such as a bereavement, separation, illness or redundancy.  You may want to relate better with others and feel more positive about yourself.  I can help by providing a safe, confidential space in which to explore whatever is important to you.

My experience in working with young people has lead to an interest in helping young adults (16+) to deal with their often-difficult transition from adolescence to adulthood and from home to university or college.  My personal experience of bereavement has lead to a particular interest in supporting others through this difficult time.

Originally from Dublin I moved to Scotland in 1995.  I come from a people development background having worked for a large corporation and as an associate for an organisation consultancy.  I am now the mother of 2 teenage children.

Competitive sport – particularly Basketball is also a passion.  I co-founded North Berwick Basketball Club 10 years ago and I gain satisfaction from introducing young people to the sport, watching them develop, grow and learn to relate to each other and be part of a team.